Deluxe #HOMEGOALS with Self-Care Journal BONUS

$37 $97

You won't believe the value of this amazing Deluxe bundle.

You get:

  • Deluxe Home Binder
  • 2021-2022 Deluxe Dated Weekly Goal Getting Planner,
  • 20 coloring images
  • Recipe Binder
  • Cleaning Planner
  • Organize Your Life Ebook

.. in one incredible deal!

Deluxe Home Binder Details:

Imagine a perfect home that is sparkling clean and organized.

That might not happen, ever... but this home binder can help you get there.

For those who are organization freaks like me, this 47 page home binder printables set is for you!

This binder will help you organize your life and eliminate paper clutter with ease. Extra clutter is the last thing you need when you are trying to get your home clean.

It will not only tame the clutter, but provide you with a more streamlined approach to organizing your life.

This beautiful rainbow watercolor floral binder includes:

  • 3 covers to choose from
  • dividers and tabs
  • stickers
  • 15 Minute Quick Pick Up Routine
  • 30 Minute Quick Pick Up Routine
  • Auto Maintenance Log
  • Chore Chart
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Cleaning Checklist
  • Favorite Recipes Log
  • Grocery List with categories
  • Home Maintenance Checklist (3 pages)
  • Home Project Planner
  • Kitchen Inventory - All
  • Kitchen Inventory - Freezer
  • Kitchen Inventory - Fridge
  • Kitchen Inventory - Pantry and Cabinets
  • Master Home to do list
  • Moms Daily Planner
  • Shopping List
  • Spring Cleaning Checklist - bedrooms
  • Spring Cleaning Checklist - General
  • Spring Cleaning Checklist - Other
  • To Do List
  • Weekly Cleaning Schedule Checklist
  • Weekly Meal Planner
  • Meal Planner and Grocery List

This beautiful binder is an instant digital downloadable item. Nothing will be shipped.

Deluxe 2023 Weekly Dated Planner Details:

The 2021-2022 Deluxe Weekly Goal Getting Planner has everything you need to get your goals! The vibrant rainbow design will lift your spirits and make planning enjoyable. You don't need to wait for shipping, this printable product is downloaded instantly after purchase.


  • 1 cover
  • weekly dated pages

Video Preview of 20 Coloring Pages:

Cute Cleaning Planner Details:

You won't believe how much easier it is to get your home cleaned with this adorable 39 page Cleaning Planner!

This Cleaning Planner is a must for those who want a sparkling clean home fast and easy. There are so many pages to help you get your home cleaned and decluttered.



  • 4 Covers and 4 Backs
  • Cleaning supplies list
  • Cleaning supplies inventory
  • Cleaning supplies review
  • 30 day declutter challenge
  • Cleaning checklist (4 pages)
  • To do list
  • Weekly cleaning (3 pages)
  • Yearly cleaning
  • Seasonal cleaning
  • Room cleaning checklist (8 pages)
  • Cleaning checklist
  • Cleaning notes
  • Chore chart
  • Weekly chores
  • Monthly cleaning (2 versions)
  • Cleaning checklist (horizontal)
  • Yearly cleaning (horizontal)
  • Seasonal cleaning

Recipe Binder Details:

Are your recipes scattered all over the kitchen or in a cluttered mess? 

Wouldn't it be better if your recipes were all in one place so you can easily find them?

That's where this adorable Recipe Binder comes in. There are so many features such as divider pages, meal plans, shopping lists and recipe cards.

You can at last get all of your recipes organized with ease.

The Recipe Binder includes:

  • 6 divider pages
  • Grocery shopping list
  • Recipe card with and without place for a picture
  • Weekly meal planning chart with ingredients for each day
  • Weekly meal planning chart with to do list and goals

Organize Your Life eBook Details:

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

Take back the control by organizing your life.

When you are well organized, you feel better and are more productive.

In this 19 page ebook, you will find out how to eliminate clutter, provide yourself with self-care, save time, money, and more!

Check out the "Organize Your Life Checklist", which is a complementary product that will help you take these steps into action.


  • Introduction
  • 7 Life Hacks for Organizing Your Time
  • How to Organize Your Finances
  • How to Organize Your Digital Life
  • How to Organize Your Stuff
  • How to Organize Your Self Care (includes meal planning)
  • Wrap UP

Self-Care Journal Bonus

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed? Is there no time in the day for YOU?

This bullet journal on self-care is sure to brighten up your mood and spirit. It has an adorable sunflower design and comes with 4 coloring pages.

Sunflowers are my favorite flower and always make me happy when I see them. I even had sunflowers for my wedding flowers. 

There are several ideas on how to practice self-care in this journal and you can come up with your own as well.

This is an instant downloadable digital product for personal use. Nothing will be shipped! To buy commercial use products, go to

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