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Do you ever find it hard to break bad habits?

If you do, know that is isn't your fault!

95% of what you do all day is a habit and they CONTROL YOU! 

Research done at the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig Germany, one of the top research institutes in the world, found out that 95% of everything that we do on a daily basis is brain and habit-based.

People go entire days on brain-based autopilot. 


Everything that you have in life is a habit and everything that you don't have is a habit as well. It is essential that you start managing your habits. It could change your life!

The "cavewoman" part of your brain controls your habits. She doesn't care if you are trying to lose weight, stick to a budget or stop maxing out your credit card. She just wants what she wants and wants it NOW!

My cavewoman craves caffeine and sugar in the mornings.

She makes me buy a Starbucks every time I drop my son off at daycare in the mornings.

It is crazy how I find myself instinctually turning into the Starbucks drive-thru because of her command, "Becky need sugar drink real bad NOW!"

My husband pulled me aside one evening and said that I been spending $50 a week on Starbucks drinks and I had to stop. $50? I couldn't believe it. 

They really add up when I think about it. I was drinking 2 of $5 (on average) vanilla lattes a work day! 

Something had to give! 

What I did to stop myself from drinking Starbucks was be consciously aware of my cavewoman's craving and then dismiss it. I will then think about something else entirely like what I am going to do at work that day.

When I pass by the Starbucks drive-thru now and get a craving for a vanilla latte, I say to myself out loud, "I dismiss your cravings for a Starbucks, CAVEWOMAN!"

It has been working for 10 days in a row now.

Is your cavewoman controlling your life too? What bad habit is she making you do? Hit reply and let me know. We gotta put her in her place by working together!

I have been using this adorable habit tracker I created to help me track the days that I don't buy a Starbucks. 

This is an instant downloadable digital product. Nothing will be shipped!

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