Mom Beach Side Hustle Toolkits - Scrap Metal Business

$14 $47

Do you want more money for your scrap metal?

Consider starting a scrap metal business. Scrap yards and other businesses pay more money to those scrap metal collectors with businesses.

This toolkit helps you get started on the right foot with your business.


  • 18 page eBook by Becky Beach on how to start a successful scrap metal  business
  • Branding Your Business worksheet
  • My Business Values worksheet
  • BONUS: 4 Logos for your business use.

The logos say "S" for scrap metal and come in PDF vector and PNG files for your use on business cards and other business collateral.

Mom Beach Side Hustle Toolkits provide massive value for little money. Here at Mom Beach, we want you to succeed in life!

Note on logos: No credit is required and these are for your business and personal use. You may not resell these logos without a commercial license. Contact us for the license.

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