Tropical Pomodoro Tracker Printable

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A great tool that I have been using to get more done on my blog is the Pomodoro technique. Use this adorable Tropical Pomodoro Tracker Printable to use this technique with ease!

What is the Pomodoro technique?

This time management technique was developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s. His technique breaks down projects in time intervals of usually 25 minutes.

How do I use the Pomodoro Tracker Printable?

What I do is set an egg timer in 25 minutes time blocks. During that 25 minutes, I focus on the task at hand. 

These 25 minute time blocks work wonders to get things done! For 5 minutes between the blocks, I will get up and walk around or stretch.

If I am watching Bryan, I will give him his iPad to play with during the 25 minutes. He only gets to play with the iPad while I am working. I can use the 5 minutes to check on him too.

Sometimes, Bryan will ask "Mommy! When are you going to work?"

It's amazing! My own child is telling me to get my tasks done. LOL!

What are the steps for the  Pomodoro technique?

  1. Write down your 3 priorities or big tasks to do
  2. Break down the priorities into sub-tasks that you can achieve in 25 minutes of study sessions
  3. Set a 25-minute timer, write down the start time. 
  4. Work on that task until the timer rings. Write down the stop time. You can always continue a task into the next 25-minute study session.
  5. Break time. Take a 3-5 minute break between each 25 min Pomodoro session. Once you have completed 4 sessions in a row, you can take a longer break (20-25 minutes).

What do I do with this Pomodoro Tracker Printable?

You easily use this printable to record your progress by filling in the time slots. I personally love using this Pomodoro tracker printable!

Please note: This is a digital downloadable product. Nothing will be shipped.

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