Passive Income Blueprint eBook (44 Pages)

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This 44 page eBook will show you how to start earning a passive income for your family in great detail.

Once you make the decision to start an information marketing business and a passive income stream, there are a number of questions you'll want to answer.

You'll want to choose and research a profitable niche and one you are interested and/or passionate about.

You will need to decide on the who is, what is, where is, when is and why is of your first information product. Will you create a book? An audio course? A video how-to series? How will you deliver it to your customers? Who is your audience?

And you'll need to consider your future.

Will you sell one product or a whole series of products, a lucrative marketing funnel?

In short, you need a plan!

A blueprint!

Your own passive income blueprint will help you:

  • Visualize and create your financial goals. How much do you want to make each month?
  • Help you plan how you're going to achieve those goals. How many products do you need to sell each month? Are you going to make money from any other revenue streams?
  • Stay on track so you don't make mistakes and lose valuable time and money. This is about making money, not losing it.
  • Walk you step-by-step through everything you need to do to start bringing in a passive income so you can life the life you want to live.

Remember, your passive income can be used to live a retirement life right now. It can be used for life and luxurious extras, to save for college or retirement, to buy that new house, to help a family member or whatever you dare to dream.

Check out this life-changing eBook now to maximize your finances!

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